Is it possible

Sorry i am new to Asterisk

Please is it possible to implement the following for a shop?:
The asterisk system (a computer with an asterisk pci card and the software) answers the incoming pstn call,plays a welcome message and simultaneously transfers the call to an extension. ( i want simultaneously because i will connect a gsm gateway to the extension to answer from a mobile phone, and there will be a delay).

one example: Someone calls the shop, the machine announces “You called * shop. Do not miss our discounts today…”, and the receptionists answers the call.If the message had not already stopped, it stops now.

So there will not be any internet connection,voip etc,only a landline and an extension. Is it possible to implement it with the Asterisk platform?

It is possible for some “it”. The only way I can see of achieving your “it” is to make the announcement be music on hold and use the option to play music on hold, rather than ringback tone.

Note that Asterisk isn’t a brand name for PCI telephony cards and extensions in Asterisk refer to phone numbers, not pieces of hardware. Also support questions should be asked on support forums.

So can the Asterisk platform manipulate the pstn lines (play a message,forward etc) without having an internet connection?

By internal connection, do you mean outgoing call leg?

Asterisk can be used for pure IVR, with no outgoing leg.

Thank you very much for your help

The ‘Asterisk pc’ will answer the incoming landline pstn calls, play a welcome message and forward the calls without delay to our gsm gateway (which is not voip)

Is the ‘Asterisk platform’ suitable for me?

I do not prefer a ready VOIP solution provided by some sites (that you get a virtual local number and you set a ivr,hold on music,queue etc) because i see that the sound quality is not very good (we already answer the calls though a mobile phone using a gsm gateway and even now the sound is not so good)

Yes, Asterisk can be used in this way.