Is it possible to receive eCall by Asterisk (PSAP)?

I found an interesting documeent about realisation of eCall (Emergency Call) in EU:

Germany somehow did it on Asterisk. Whatever, I don’t understand how they process MSD (minimal set of data) using Asterisk. In the call session for the first step caller sends DTMF signals to send MSD packet. As I understood, Asterisk must redirect this call to In-band modem on COM port or to another machine with such modem. After PSAP successfully received MSD for the second step caller switches to voice channel that must be redirected to some sip-client of PSAP operator. How they do it? Is there a way to receive DTMF signals w/o modem by using internal capabilities of Asterisk? How the same call to redirect to another SIP on the same time?

Quite a lot of the Asterisk applications are about handling in call DTMF.