Is it possible to pass the CID on to telco provider

I have three trunks (Analog line, GSM, and a SIP provider). The GSM and SIP provider works well on Caller ID and I can successfully get the incoming number on these trunks. But unfortunately, i can’t make it work on my analog line as it is using a DTMF mode which is very difficult for me tune. I can leave that alone.

My concern is, if I get an incoming call from these two trunks (GSM and SIP), I can see the incoming number passed thru my IP phone without any problem. However, if I do use a follow me function, it reflects the caller ID number of my outbound SIP provider. To cut the story short, I don’t get the calling number if I am answering the phone via follow me. Is there a way to pass thru the caller ID to m outbound SIP provider in such a way that it will reflect the actual number of the incoming caller? Just curious although I have a thought that this is not possible as it is telco’s system that takes the number of the trunk that was used to dialed in.

Yes. This is the default behaviour. However, for anti-fraud reasons, good PSTN gateway providers will not honour it.

Thanks for the info.