Is it possible to make a log system

Im having quite a bit of difficulty, in expressing what I really want. English is not my native language, so please overlook grammar and spelling :wink:.

Im in a need of a system, that can keep a log over alle incoming calls to my business.

At the end of the day I want to be able to print a complete log over all incoming calls, and wheter they have been answered and the duration of the call, and the phonenumer that has called.

In addition to this I want to be able to answer the call, and press a button (mouse,keyboard or other hid) and it will print a header on a sheet of paper, containing the caller id, duration (if pressed after call is hung up), the time and date.

So this is my question, is this possible with Asterisk, and what kinda ISDN card would be best suited for the job?

Thanks alot



The Asterisk CDR modules can do this for you. You can write cdr’s to a csv file, another text file (via cdr_custom), or a database. It is pretty flexible. If you only want certain fields you can either look at cdr_custom.conf or the adaptive cdr backport depending on the version of Asterisk you are running. … nches/1.4/

This is possible, either you can make this be generated from a feature code, or possibly via an AMI call and some scripting.

Yes it is possible :wink: I’ll leave the ISDN card recommendation to those that use them.