Is it possible capture and play voice with Asterisk ARI

There are Channel ARI Demo in wich we can control channel state: ring, answer, play silence, play some tone or audio-file ( … nnel+State) Is it possible to receive some chunks (parts, buffers, etc.) of call voice (which are created by remote subscriber) or write chunks of voice, for example like a some array of bytes (not from file) in some audio format (alaw, ulow etc).

PS: A have some custom phone which I can control from my python program (initiate and receive calls, exchange voice in alaw format, play dtmf, etc), there are no asterisk drivers for this phone, so I want to create it by myself. Seems like processing calls state can be done with ARI, but what about RTP traffik. Is the only way to create some channel driver module, like

ARI does not provide any mechanism by itself to do media like that. It’s just for controlling channels that already exist.

Thanks for answer. Can you please refer me to most modern way to create custom channel? Is there some examples? Asterisk have a big documentation, may be there are something related to this. There are sources of in the net, but maybe there is something more official and clearer?

There is no guide or documentation on how to create one, as it is so rarely done and is only applicable to a VERY tiny segment of developers. Your best bet is to choose a simple channel driver (such as chan_alsa) and go from there.