Is I’m going in the right way to setup my first phone system? Or I’m completely offtrack?

Hello everyone,

First of all, I’ve never setting up any kind of phone system in the pass, that means I don’t know a lot of things on this subject. So there was huge chances I ask questions who not necessary made sens for advances users but for me, theses questions are important for I can reach my goal who is: having my own professional phone system with greeting messages, extensions, voice mailbox and all these great things so, please don’t be rude. :slight_smile:

As I said above I want to setup my first phone system but I really don’t know if I’m going in the right way. I have lot of questions to ask.

I currently have four (4) POTS with a local phone provider who is Bell Canada, I would use theses Plain Old Telephone Service circuits for my phone system. I will build a machine in a 2U server chassis, I found single FXO port telephony boards with low profile bracket for fitting in a 2U server chassis on Amazon sold by AsteriskCanada, I will use 4 of them (one per PCI port) and then I will hook each of my four Bell Canada POTS to the RJ11 jack present on the PCI telephony boards.

For the phones I found cheap Polycom SIP phones on to use with my telephone system setup. Also, I want to add a cordless phone to my setup. At my job I have an EnGenius DuraFon 1X-HC cordless phone for to be able to get reach from anywhere in the warehouse I work at. I found the SIP model of this phone at

Is the DuraFon SIP Phone System (base and handset) can work with AsteriskNow based phone system?

And also, is the whole setup I describe above is something who have chance to work?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide advice about my telephone system project.


The general policy on this forum is that questions about analogue (and T1/E1) cards should be addressed to the vendor. That includes cards from Digium, who sponsor this forum, as they have their own web site for providing such support… (There is no indication that your cards are from Digium.)

I’ve never heard of your SIP phones. Most SIP phones work. I’m not aware of any that don’t, as long as it is possible to configure (some phones may rely on the manufacturer’s PBX to provide the configuration).

Hi David,

Just for letting you know, this is the card in question: