Is dial by name from a DB posible?


i have a list of patient who is assigned to some doctors in a database, and i have been asked to see if there is a way patient can call into an auto attendant which does dial by name from the database to look up which doctor is responsible for that patient, then forwarding the calls to that doctor’s cell.

i’ve been searching around and can’t seem to find an answer. seem like it’s just a simple mod of dial by name from a directory of built in extension.

is it possible with asterisk or other open source pbx? or does anyone know of a hosted service that offer such capabilities?

thank you in advance for your help and pointers

Check your PM

look into AGI

ok thanks, soo many things to read up on, so little time. hehe

hey i’m also looking for the same thing…can u help me please…

if possible send the code also…i’ll be very thankful

You may click the following link to get detail in this regard: