Is Asterisk serving any 911 like service?

We are evaluating the posibility of using asterisk in an Emergency Call Center (ala 911) for a populous city.

My Boss is interested to know if there are any deployments of such critical service using asterisk.

Does anybody know ?



Asterisk is a great product…we have it widely deployed, spanning borders and oceans, carrying hundreds and hundreds of global calls daily for our employees and customers necessary for everyone to stay in business, and keeping that going, I loose little sleep over it…

and I might be the minority in my thoughts on this…

…but the thought of putting the control of a critical, and extremely public emergency response system where human lives could depend on its performance, into the hands of a program that (in the event of failure and public investigation) would contain the quote “downloaded from the internet” would be more than enough to keep me awake at night.

Don’t get me wrong, Asterisk, “WOW” is what I (and thousands of others) say to the features, performance and functionality it contains, but I think there is a level of maturity that needs to occur before you may want to consider it as a contender.