IPSwitchBoard Version 0.75 Released - Now in Spanish

IPSwitchBoard Version 0.75 has just been released, it has three additional languages:

  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Romanian

Download from here:

IPSwitchBoard is an Operators Panel for the Asterisk PBX. IPSwitchBoard is a FREE Windows.NET application which gives you:

  • Unattended/attended transfers.
  • Park calls and retrieve/forward them again.
  • Organize all your SIP and IAX extensions (automatically retrieved from Asterisk).
  • Monitor all extensions.
  • Monitor all queues.
  • Monitor Agents.
  • Monitor Parked Calls.
  • Dynamically log extensions in and out of queues.
  • Integration with CRM software on the web.
  • Drop any active call.
  • Import/Export extensions to/from Asterisk Server DB.
  • Set Do Not Disturb on Extensions and give a reason.
  • Speed Dialling.
  • Share Speed Dial files among all users of IPSwitchBoard.
  • User selectable ring tones for IPSwitchBoard.
  • User selectable button colors.

is call recording possible with this application for the monitered extensions?

Yes, Its possible to record all extensions.