IP to PSTN Gateways, Wholesale VoIP Providers

So my understanding is as follows:

  1. End user places VoIP call - this goes to Asterisk server
  2. Asterisk server routes call to wholesale VoIP provider via trunk
  3. Wholesale VoIP provider either routes call via internet to other wholesale VoIP provider if the call is placed to another VoIP telephone otherwise if the call is placed to a traditional land line or cell phone then the wholesale VoIP provider uses an IP to PSTN gateway to get the call into the PSTN system from there.

Is my understanding of that correct? Now I am also aware that I can download asterisk and order trunk lines directly from a wholesale VoIP provider. So what do I do if I want to become to wholesale VoIP provider myself so that I don’t have to use somebody else?


If you have to ask, then you should think twice about doing it.