IP Phones With More Shared Line Appearances and/or Sidecar

I as well as other VoIP techies need a phone just like the SPA942/962 but with more line appearances (SPA942 has 4, SPA962 has six) especially for admin staff who need to know the shared line status and to have a one-touch button to everyone instead of memorizing extensions or having a list of extensions hanging around. Or if there is an expansion module/sidecar one can attach to these phones to increase the shared line appearances (like the Cisco CP-7914 and Snom320/360 sidecar). I don’t understand why Linksys One phones are totally not configurable via the SIP protocol; they should have that option probably in a new firmware since they have quite a number of buttons to configure more shared lines. That may make the Linksys One phones a best seller. Anyway, how can we get our hands on such a phone or sidecars?

I think you got confused and went to the wrong site. This isn’t the LinksysOne site nor the Linksys LVS site. But, I may have misunderstood what you are saying. And yeah, the LinksysOne phones do look nice with all those buttons. I think someone said the 962 has the connectors for a future sidecar.

For the record, Grandstream has a sidecar capable of 56 buttons on one and you can add another for a total of 112. How many more do you need? As long as you are using a GXP2000 with a hardware version of 2.0 it works great. The ones I have with no version just plain suck.

I actually use a Cisco 7960, but I have a GXP with sidecar on my desk for monitoring the status of our extensions and PRI. I also use it in my bedroom. When I’m groggy, I can park a call easier on it and go into my home office to actually take the call. The backlit display plus the ringer that calls out the caller ID number is nice in the bedroom.

Sorry, I might have sounded confusing/confused, but I got wind of some information that the Linksys SPA9XX phones will have a sidecar (SPA932) coming out soon in late May or June. I hope it does get released and works well with * because admin staffs need the expansion. See smithonvoip.com/new-voip-pro … 2-sidecar/

The new Aastra phones have sidecar module capabilities. They have 2 module options. One with LCD programmable display and one with just the buttons and lights.

Its official (and no longer a rumour), Linksys is coming out with SPA932; a sidecar for SPA962. linksys.com/servlet/Satellit … 2327773L03

Datasheet: linksys.com/servlet/Satellit … 1711923B01