Invite duplicates in asterisk

I have a problem when sending calls to a telephone provider that uses C3X, it turns out that my Asterisk 13 randomly sends double the Invite when the destination SIP device does not respond within 100 ms. How can I change the value to 200 ms?

Which channel driver are you using? As far as I know, only the obsolete one uses an adaptive value for T1, so I’d expect the standard, 500ms, on a modern system.

Except for wasting bandwidth, the duplicate should be harmless. If it weren’t., a lost 100 Trying might be fatal.

Also note that Asterisk 16, as a whole, is obsolete.

Hello David, thanks for your response.
I am using the Chan_Sip channel, the problem is that the destination server after receiving the 2 invites sends me 2 SIP 407 events and the destination peer responds with constant SIP 100 Trying, I am working on the migration to Asterisk 20 but it is not ready yet.
Can you tell me how to specify the value of T1 in 500ms?
Thank you so much

Preferred solution: Replace chan_sip with chan_pjsip.

Fallback solution: Disable qualify

It’s also possible that t1min can do it, but the definition isn’t very clear.

Documentation used:

Hi David, thanks for your help.
I have solved the problem with quality = no, for now I will leave it until a better solution comes in.

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