Introduce paging/intercom with a ring


My client ask me to add the intercom feature for his asterisk (PIAF) is use for phone purpose only, since his old intercom system just dead. He wants the new asterisk system to ring a strong ring to attract the attention of the workers around the phone before the announcement starts.

How can I do that?



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That is something that will depend on, and may need to be configured in, the phone.

(This is not a support forum, either.)

Although, I suppose you could precede the page by a call with a short timeout, and hope no-one answered it.

Thank you for your help, but you cant be sure someone will not answer. Specially if rings in 13 different places.

You could put an absolute limit on the call duration, but t he person who answered might not get the page, and it might have to a longer timeout than you would like, to ensure that everyone rang, and then recovered.

Thank you again, but please admit, call twice each time you want to reach someone is not a solution.

In that case, you are back to reading the documentation for the phones in use.