International Multi Site Implementation With 2 outbound DIDs


I’m planning an implementation for a 2 site office (one in the US, and one in Mexico). Is it possible to have a setup that will allow the people in Mexico to make and receive calls from Mexican DIDs, and the US from US DIDs?

Basically I think I would need 2 different SIP providers, one for Mexico and one for the US. Any pointers in the configuration would be appreciated too.


Yes. As long as you can tell where the call came from, you can route it to different ITSPs.

Thanks David. Do I need then 2 different Asterix servers or one is enough? since the sites are going to be connected via Site-toSite VPN, and I can easily know which IPs generate the calls.
What about setting it up based on the destination instead of the source, that way if the US users call Mexico (not the office) it would go out via the MX ITSP and not incur in International call charges?

Thanks again.

That is the more conventional way of doing remote breakout.

Only one instance is needed. (The difficult case is trying to run two accounts on one ITSP, but that is not what you are doing there.)

Assuming you are using plain Asterisk, there is nothing difficult in this. If you are using FreePBX, you are asking in the wrong place.

So if I use asteriskNOW (includes FreePBX GUI) I will be OK?

No idea. The expertise on FreePBX is at

Asterisk can easily do it, but FreePBX, like any GUI, severely constrains Asterisk.