Internal or External GSM Gateway


I’m wondering which is the best route!
I’ll only ever need one sim gsm gateway.

From a setup point of view, and more importantly a sound quality view, I wonder whether there are any pros and cons.

External GSM gateway means I can move the gateway away from the pbx if need be, to find optimum position for network signal strength. Furthermore, it may be better for gsm gateway to be away from other electronic devices.

Alternatively, it may be better having the gsm gateway installed as a pci card inside the pbx. One reason may be that the sound quality may be better; connecting gsm gateway to pbx via cable may introduce quality issues and even ms delay issues. Second, box is contained in one unit as apposed to two. Also may be easier to setup and more reliable.

Has anyone on here used pci gsm gateways?
Any thoughts?


Hey Danny, I’m about to install a GSM gateway also and would be interested in for which model you’ve decided in the past. Can you recommend something for me?