Internal Call Problems On Asterisk

Hi everyone, i’m new at Asterisk and in your community.

I just installed asterisk ver. 1.4.18 with asterisk gui and i’m living a problem about internal calls.

I have one 4 port FXO Welltech and one 2 port FXO Grandstream, i tried both of these devices but the problem occurs in the same way. There are three extensions in my system rightnow. 6001 and 6002 on FXO devices and 6003 on a softphone -EyeBeam- on my PC.

I can call 6001 and 6002 with 6003 but i cant call 6003 with 6001 and 6002. Also i can call 6002 with 6001 but i cant call 6001 with 6002.

I defined IPs in sip.config for analog calls but i cant manage to fix the problem. I wonder if the dial plan or IP table causes this problem.

Thanks for following answers from this moment.

I add “insecure=port,invite” to sip.conf and problem solved. Without this values asterisk trys to connect via port and this rings only one phone at a time, i think.