Intermittent Server Failure

So thats easy let me know when you’ve found the answer. Hope you enjoy the challenge.

PS it isnt because it uses a dynamic IP I know I’ve checked
pps it has worked very well before


Im hoping his is a joke, but if it isn’t and to be honest even if it you deserve dumb a55 of the week award.

Hopefully the mods will pull this post off asap.

Well all security issues asside. The problem still persists as follows :-

softphone reports ‘server failure’

no log entrys for softphone in asterisk

works fine on local ip address not on external ip (which is correctly updated using dynamic ip into sip_custom.conf)

port’s tested using nc for udp 10000-30000, 5060

everything setup correctly

Any idea’s. You are free to log into my system. Just dont break anything!

Ianplan - offer a solution (maybe you can proof your not dumb a55!)