'interesting' story not true

[i][color=#006699]Hi All....
Just learned that the mulch story is not true.... the termites chewed holes right thru this one.... :-)

Termite-infested mulch rumors are false Dont be surprised if anxious customers begin asking if the mulch you sell is infested with termites. An e-mail rumor peaked last week that mulch made from trees blown over by Hurricane Katrina is infested with Formosan termites and is being sold to the public, primarily through Home Depot. Louisiana State Univ. rebutted the rumor, releasing a statement that the affected area, although infested with Formosan termites, is under quarantine, and no untreated wood
products harvested from Katrina would be on the market legally. Web site Snopes.com originally had the rumor listed as "undetermined," which increased consumer fears. Bob LaGasse, exec. dir. of Mulch & Soil Council, contacted Snopes.com last Friday with up-to-the-minute information on the mulch, and the Web site updated
the rumor from "undetermined" to "false."[/color][/i]

and what does this have to do with asterisk or voip in general???