Interested in a FastAGI database (JDBC) servcice?

I’ve just finished building a small Fast AGI application which is designed to allow database operations from a dial plan.

The application is written in java and uses JDBC to talk to the database, meaning that it can talk to virtually any database.

The application implements the following agi scripts:

unity = returns a single value from a select statement
insert = insert a single row into the db.
delete = delete one or more rows from the db
update = update one or more rows in the db

Examples of the type of queries that can be excecuted are:

agi://unity.agi?query=select name from users where id =1

agi://localhost/insert.agi?query=insert into user (name) values(${name})

agi://localhost/delete.agi?query=delete from user where name = values(${name})

The application needs some more work but it provides a basic framework which is operational.

The reason I’m posting these details is to see if there is any interest in the community for such a tool.
If there is sufficent I would consider posting the source on one of the open source portals?

If you are interested then email me.