Interconnecting 2 Asterisk boxes

Hey guys,

I am having trouble connecting two asterisk boxes together. I have an Asterisk 1.4 box (Fonality PBXtra) with 300+ extensions. Fonality doesn’t allow you to create your own usernames, etc and our conference phone will only accept a numeric username & password (before it comes up, I know that the configs can be modified manually, however this is not a good solution as Fonality will overwrite them). This has prompted me to install vanilla Asterisk 1.6 on another box and connect the conference phone to this box. This means that the conference phone will register to the 1.6 box and the 1.6 box will need to be registered to the Fonality box and visa-versa. Calls should be able to pass each way by extension number. Additionally, all calls to the 1.6 box should go to the single extension and all calls from the conference phone should pass through the Fonality box (including outbound). I have the two boxes registering to each other (2 exts on the 1.6 box, 1 for registration from the Fonality box and the other for the conference phone). When an extension from the Fonality box makes a call to the 1.6 box, it rings the conference phone and two way communication is established. Unfortunately, when the call is hung up from either side, the conference phone will ring itself…? Also, when a call is made from the conference phone, it only rings itself. I think that I only have problems with the dial-plan on the 1.6 box, but I have never been very good at hand-crafting dial-plans. Can somebody explain what the problem is and how I can correct it. I have already reviewed configs on voip-info, etc… but they aren’t exactly what I need. Please let me know if you need additional information (configs, etc).

Thanks in advance