Intercom Setup

Hi All.

I am very new to VoIP. I bought two PAP2T from Linksys. What I want to do is Setup a intercom between my house back in India and the one in dubai.

Can anyone help me on how I can achieve this? Let me just repeat, I dont know much about VoIP. Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanking You

I have Windows XP as my operating system.

ignoring the possible legal implications of those localities … i would think you simply need to sign up with a VoIP provider of your choice at both locations, plug an analogue phone in at each end, make sure your router/firewall is configured properly and the PAP2 is registering, then start calling each other (it’s obviously easier if you both use the same provider, but not essential as long as they have peering agreements with each other)

Asterisk is likely to be overkill in this scenario.

you dont need a provider to make ti work.

to point you in the right direction tho, what you will want to do is set up the dialplan on each ata to dial the other one immediately, either by IP or by a dynamic dns name… has a forum with a bunch of sipura dialplan tricks…

Thankx for the reply.

I found a software from X&YComm. (

Does anyone know anything about this software? How to set it up?


I would say go signup for two accounts at
Configure the Pap’s for the accounts call away (plus call Millions of other folks for free even some VoIP providers paid servcie (My packet8 is free to call from FWD)

Or setup a Asterisk server yourself