Integrating Asterisk and Zultys

I have one asterisk (A) and two Zultys (B and C) ip telephony exchanges. This is what is it looks like:

  1. A can dial any extension on B and C
  2. B and C can dial all extensions on A
    [color=red]3. B can place international calls through C[/color]
  3. A can place PSTN calls through B
  4. A can place US numbers through C
    [color=red]6. A can not place international calls through C![/color]

Point (6) is the one causing problem for me. I have a polycom conferencing phone which won’t work either with B or C but works perfectly with A (i.e. asterisk). Only problem is that this polycom phone (or any extension on asterisk) can not dial international through C although all asterisk extensions are able to dial US (long distance) numbers through C. Whenever in international call is placed through C from asterisk, C sends a “410 - gone” message to asterisk, but, C itself doesn’t record any error. I am lost and would appreciate some help. A small portion of my extensions.conf looks like:

exten => _9X.,1,Macro(auth,${CALLERIDNUM},${EXTEN}) exten => _1X.,1,Macro(auth,${CALLERIDNUM},${EXTEN}) exten => _042,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}@lhrzultys,20,rt) exten => _011.,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}@uszultys,20,rt)

Do you guys/gals think it is an issue in the above dialplan entry? It is the last entry in the above box.

What’s the prefix for international calls where you are? Without knowing that, it’s impossible to know which entry relates to what you’re talking about!