Integrate with Panasonic DBS

Hey everyone,

I’ve been searching through the previous posts, and searching the web, and am still stumped.

Currently, we have a Panasonic DBS 824, with 4 COs and 8 extensions. I am simply looking to add some voicemail capability to the system using Asterisk.

I plan on connecting the Panasonic to Asterisk via Analog lines (using a TDM400 card with 4 FXO ports).

What I’m concerned with, is the following:

  1. How do I have a user put a call on hold, and directly transfer them into a particular voicemail box?

  2. How do I tell Asterisk to light up a MWI light on a particular panasonic extension?

  3. Will I have to do a lot of reprogramming to the Panasonic system to get this to work?

I had seen a how-to on integrating Panasonic systems with Asterisk, however it seemed to be geared toward a completely different platform for Asterisk.

Thank you. … onic1232vm should have a lot of the info you need. skip all the stuff about using a sipura box as you aren’t… but it has the dialing codes the panasonic uses and that’s the important bit…