Integrate SCTP as a transport protocol

Dear Asterisk Community/Developers,

I would like to implement/integrate SCTP as a transport protocol with Asterisk for my Masters thesis project. I have seen currently asterisk does not support sctp protocol. Is it possible to integrate sctp with asterisk? I understand it won’t be easy. But I have more than a year to finish it. I would be grateful if someone can guide me where/how to start? In fact I have only 3 weeks time to show or proof that sctp integration is possible and produce some data.

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The asterisk-dev mailing list is probably the best place for discussion about this. Information on this mailing list is here:

The most logical place for integration would be in the SIP channel driver - see chan_sip.c in the Asterisk source directory - as it already supports UDP, TCP, and TLS transports.