Installing Asterisk on a Sun Cobalt Raq4i Server

I have a few spare Sun Cobalt Raq4i servers i am wanting to install Asterisk, i am just wondering whether it would be possible and easy to install the Asterisk PBX onto the cut down version of linux. Because the Raq4I has a space for one PCI slot i am going to install a Digium X100P so that i can route all phone calls via asterisk.

Will there be any dependences of such to install or is their anyone who has tried installing asterisk on a Sun Cobalt Raq4I Platform.



i do belive that i need to install debian of some type to enable the install of the software and a stable enviroment.


I’m pretty familiar with the RAQ… that’s a PII 450 probably. Are you sure the PCI slot is 2.2 compliant?