Installation Order of Operations Question

Hello, I want to install Asterisk 1.6.2 using a Digium TE420 card (4 x E1 ports) along with libpri, libss7, and libopenr2. Here is the list of files I will be installing:


Here is the order in which I believe, from my research, that I should install them to get a complete, successful install of all drivers, libraries, and Asterisk itself:

  1. libpri
  2. libss7
  3. openr2
  4. dahdi-linux
  5. dahdi-tools
  6. asterisk-1.6.2
  7. asterisk-addons

From my research, it appears that you should compile the libraries, then compile the dahdi files, and then compile asterisk. Please let me know if my order of operations is correct, and if not, please correct me and provide an explanation so that I can learn about the proper installation process. Thanks in advance!