Installation Customization

Hi, I have installed asterisk using the on step yum method & centos 5. It works great, but I am needing to change some things, like sounds, moh, etc, by the way, features that I changed in previous versions using menuselect. In those previous versions (1.4) I made a “manual” installation compiling sources, etc, but this time I used the “one step method” and I don’t know how to continue.
How do I have to proceed to modify the default installation? Is the menuselect available? If it is, where can I find it?

Thanks a lot…


maybe i’ve not understood your question :smile:

but if you want to change Music On Hold and / or sounds try to have a look at
and … nhold.conf
they explain file paths and configuration needed by asterisk.


maybe i’ve not understood your question :smile:


Hi, thanks for your reply. Do you know if menuselect is available like it was in the past? this time I installed asterisk with the “one step” yum method, and I can’t find the menuselect.

btw, I am looking for menuselect because I’d like to customize not only the sounds, but others things like signaling protocols, etc.

Thanks again.

You need to build from source.