Install asterisk on rehat enterprise 4.0 AS

Can i install asterisk on rehat enterprise 4.0 AS with 2.6.9 kernal? how to install?

the wiki … nearly always with “Can I …” questions, the answers in the wiki.


The only problem I have had is the rhel 4 bug spinlock.h modification

Go into your kernel source directory and edit the file spinlock.h
(/usr/src/kernels/uname -r/include/linux/spinlock.h)

go to line 407

Change this line from :

#define DEFINE_RWLOCK(x) rw_lock_t x = RW__LOCK_UNLOCKED
#define DEFINE_RWLOCK(x) rwlock_t x = RW__LOCK_UNLOCKED

remove the underscore from ^^ here


make linux26