[INFO] Asterisk 1.4 on smartphone


please consider this post as interesting info about Asterisk unusual installation.

I have recently ‘installed’ Debian Linux on my Samsung Galaxy i5700 mobile (yes it is possible), and found out I can really install there Asterisk as well - so i have done. Yet I did not expect it will be able to establish any call, or if so it will not provide satisfactory quality etc etc etc. First let me tell You what hardware does i5700 have inside:

  • ARM Qualcomm MSM7200A processor with 528 MHz (can over-clock up to 800MHz and more)
  • RAM ~160MB
  • WiFi, Touch screen, Android 2.1 on board

…so I configured one SIP account and one IAX, dial plan containing only calling each other (SIP <-> IAX), I registered X-Lite and Idefisk soft phones in my micro PBX and made a call. The results were: no delays, perfect noiseless sound with ULAW codec and great satisfaction.

Well thats all. If You have any questions, or You just need any prove - just type it down!

Any special configuration options or code changes to get it to compile?

Um, no… just “apt-get install asterisk” in Debian console :wink:

I did something similar with Nokia N900 a while back (also running debian) What would be really cool is if you could use the GSM radio as a link to PSTN!