Inexpensive Asterisk PC?


I need an inexpensive PC for a very specific Asterisk build; well actually I need anywhere from 10 to 20 of them. They must all be exactly alike as we will be building a custom install CD that is stripped down as much as possible. They will each have one TDM card inside with only one FXS module so there must be at least one power connector available. We also need the PC to have at least 3 USB ports. Processor needs only to be powerful enough to run Liinux and one instance of Asterisk, Zaptel, Apache, and Firefox and nothing else; this system will never have to compile anything so ditto on the memory. Video card is not that important as the GUI will be extremely simple. Heck, it doesn’t even need a ethernet port but it does need a CD-ROM but not a blisteringly fast one. Hard drive required, of course, but not a 10k or 15k rpm one.

No, this is not a request for quote. It is a request for suggestions which I will appreciate.


Ike :unamused:!

[quote]Heck, it doesn’t even need a ethernet port [/quote] <— classic :smile: