Individual mailboxes for one endpoint


I have an endpoint, in sip.conf, that has “mailbox=101,102”. My client (a software written by myself) wants to receive indivdual NOTIFY for each mailboxes. Instead, I only receive NOTIFY with the sum of both mailboxes. Even with an explicit subscription I am getting that.

Is there any way I could receive individual NOTIFY for each mailbox using only one registered endpoint?

Thank you.

No, the NOTIFY is an aggregate. The only way would be to use separate endpoints with a specific mailbox on each.

Is that as per RFC? I don’t see anything that would contradict my requirement in RFC 3842, unlesss I misread it (which is totally possible). Would it be a valid feature request?

We don’t accept feature requests on the issue tracker, but as for whether it is valid or not - chan_sip doesn’t allow you to subscribe to individual mailboxes or present individual mailboxes, the lack of that isn’t really against the RFC… it’s just the way it presents it.

Thank you for your response.