Indications.conf for UAE

Hi all,
All is in the title !
Does someone have the settings for United Arabs Emirats to put in indications.conf ???


does this help ?

Well, thanks, It can help me, only if you tell me what I should do with this ! :blush: :wink:
There is a part about UAE, but then ??? :open_mouth:

2.6.3 CPTD Settings for United Arab Emirates Header File
#ifndef UMTD_CPTD_ARAB_H___
#define UMTD_CPTD_ARAB_H___ 1
#include â€

you take it and, refering to an existing indication section as a guide, you create a new one :smiley:


[uae] description = United Arab Emirates ringcadance = dial = busy = 400+425/375,0/375 ring = congestion = callwaiting = dialrecall = record = info =

once you’re pretty sure it’s right, you can submit it to and get yourself some karma points :open_mouth: