Increasing latency ('ms_per_irq', rxident)

Hello there,

I am developing a custom appliance of DAHDI driver. I managed to successfully wrap my head around it all, and what I have now works well enough. However, I have a recurring problem of DAHDI increasing latency (thus missing interrupt?). I started to go through the code once again, taking a look at anything related to latency. I was quite annoyed to see constructs like: status & 0x2, somewhere in the code. It does not help to understand what is going on. Anyways, documentation also seems scarce, so I figured that maybe here I’d find anyone able to help me out and explain what is ‘ms_per_irq’ module parameter supposed to do ? Obviously it stands for milliseconds per IRQ, but what does it mean in practice ? Also, there’s ‘rxident’… no clue what that is… Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

Use the developer mailing list.