Increase Volume on one particular Trunk

Is it possible to increase the incoming volume (like rxgain) on just ONE particular Trunk?
Leaving the other Trunks as-is.
Also, I want to leave the outgoing volume as-is on ALL Trunks.

How can I do this?

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what kind of trunk is this ? if ZAP then you can set the rxgain on a per channel basis by setting ‘rxgain=’ then channel =>, e.g.

rxgain=5.0 channel => 1 rxgain=2.0 chaanel => 2etc

It is a SIP trunk.

have you contacted your provider ? if other users are reporting the same you might be able to get them to increase the Rx gain on whatever equipment they terminate with. otherwise you’re stuck unless you increase the output of your phones and thereby increase the rx volume everywhere.