Incorrect http.conf settings freeze a reload in 1.6

I am using 1.6 beta 7 and when attempting to configure http access to the manager interface I came across a bug that I have been able to reproduce consistently. If a user sets enabled=yes in http.conf but neglects to add webenabled=yes in manager.conf both the reload and manager reload commands in the CLI will hang with no messages being returned. I tried exiting the CLI and reconnecting but received an error stating that the last reload hadn’t finished yet. The only way that I was able to get out of this state was to do a full restart of asterisk. Once I set webenabled=yes in manager to conf reload and manager reload work as expected. As soon as I comment out the webenabled = yes line it freezes up on me in the same manner again.

I poked around in logs and didn’t see any additional information for this problem, but will be happy to provide additional information on my setup (still very basic at the moment) if it will help.

As a side note, outside of this small hang-up this beta version has been running incredibly smooth. :smiley: