Incorrect ExtensionStatus using AMI & AJAM on Asterisk 11

Good afternoon,

I’m running into to a weird issue on Asterisk 11. I have a service that monitors the status of extensions using AJAM by sending an ExtensionState Action for each extension in my list. What happens is that when two or more endpoints are in a call after awhile the ExtensionStatus starts returning 0 (idle) instead of 1 (inuse) in the Status field. The calls are still up and communicating, yet the status says they are idle. I verified that this is not an AJAM issue, by telnet session to port 5038 and issuing the same ExtensionState Action, the result is the same.

Is this a bug, configuration issue or normal behavior.

Thanks for you help,

This sounds like a bug. I can’t think of a reason for the extension state to change to idle during the middle of an established call.

Please file a bug on with your configuration, debug logs and packet traces.

See the Asterisk Issue Guidelines for details on what to post