Inconsistency in calling availability


So i have some IP phones and Linphone instances all behind NAT and the asterisk server is on public network. The problem is sometimes I’m able to call between phones just fine, but sometimes the phones don’t ring at all. After some debugging effort, I just stop for couple hours and try again and it works. This is very annoying because I don’t know what the problem could be.

Could you please suggest me some ways to optimize my set up and eliminate this problem? More about my setup I’m running Asterisk on docker, also there are a lot of ddos happening - I will change acl config to eliminate those attempts but I’m not sure if it’s the problem for the inconsistency I’m having.

Sounds like a NAT traversal rule, in the router, is timing out. Increasing registration frequency may help.

Thank you! It’s indeed nat traversal problem.

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