Incoming calls on E1

Hi folks
I have installed a sangoma A101 for a small call center, i have compiled wanpipe and it’s seen by the system. Well. I have on the E1 link of my operator, 15 number, one for channel, and i want to route each channel to different sip softphones for the incoming calls… i.e. channel 1 to sip201, channel 2 and 3 to sip202 etc. How can i do that? i need to create 15 groups, each for every channel in zapata.conf and after in extensions.conf something like this?
exten => $GROUPNUMBER,1,Dial($(SIPPHONE),10,t)

thanks in advance

You may define a different context per channel in zapata.conf or you may route the calls checking the called number in the dial plan; I would use the second way and here is a sample (let’s say the telco gives you the numbers in the range from 05300301 to 05300315):




Marco Bruni

ok thx Marco i’ll try it

Most people who have to make a call center solution work are very happy with the way queues and agents are available within Asterisk. Are you aware of this. Just add a queue, route incoming calls into the queue and let the agents login so they can take calls.

You can also configure a queue for every line so you can set incoming lines on hold in the queue if the agents is already talking or route it to the second agent logged in. The way you discribe it there is a good change that calling people will hear the busy tone.