Incoming calls not being answered


You should probably contact your clone vendor.

Purchases of clones do not fund the development of Asterisk or any of the Asterisk resources, like these forums.

From what I saw - Asterisk output - you debug there 2 things - Macros and dahdi/Cisco.
May be you should simplify your dialplan as much as possible - to see if dahdi/Cisco work, and only then - step by step to add macros or whatever you like.
Also you can try to make dial without option r.
I prefer to push all logic in AGI scripts. May be it is slower, but it is much more easy to find problem.
By the way - few years ago I had to use PSTN lines, and there we used polarity to detect answer and hangup.
During tests we did some debugs with oscilloscope also - to see what happens with polarity, voltage etc.