Incoming calls going busy


I had a install. I was getting some weird issues with calls coming in, ringing the extension, then going busy after being answered. So I thought it might be smart to upgrade! So I installed Now the problem is a little different.

I have a few DIDs. I have a DID that goes into an IVR that then goes to a Grandstream IP phone. I have a DID that goes into a Linksys 3102 connected to a VTECH wireless handset.

When I get an incoming call, if it goes to the VTECH system, the caller hears it ring a couple of times, then it goes busy. I then get an error message from Vitelity stating it got a BUSY. When I get an incoming call to the IVR, it goes to the IVR. When the user hits a menu item to ring the extension or if the extension is dialed directly, it goes to a busy signal.

I am running with FreePBX with all the modules upgraded.

I thought it might be a corrupt extension during the upgrade so I deleted and recreated the extension.

I am confused as to what to do to fix this.

Here is a pastebin of my asterisk cli -vvvvv with the extensions and sip.conf