Incoming calls are one continuous ring

we have a asterisk based system that is exhibiting some inconsistantly strange behavior with incoming calls.

a caller will call in and will hear one continuous ring until the phone is picked up. a couple of callers have said that their calls were never picked up which would be unlikely if the calls came thru as our receptionist would have seen them.

i reported the problem to our pri provider and they said that it is not on their end. has anyone ever heard of this type of issue?

no one has heard of this problem before?

Strange… check your indications.conf file. You can test with music on hold instead of ringing:

exten => _X.,1,Dial(SIP/blabla,m)

How do you generate the ring, with the “r” option in Dial?

whoa, that is a little over my head. this is a switchvox system so there is now way to edit files.

i don’t think that this happens often but i have heard it myself once. in the 6 months that we’ve had the system, there have been about 10 complaints of this that have made their way back to me. there may be more occurances but i haven’t heard about them yet. the ring is just continuous, no breaks or pausing. its really weird.

i wasn’t sure if this is caused by the pri, asterisk, or anything else so i thought you guys may have some insight.

has anyone else experienced something like this? could it be our pri?

Switchvox doesn’t seem to be the open source Asterisk. If you’ve got a paid version, you should get your support from If you have the free version, it may be very difficult to support it here if you are not able to manipulate the actual configuration files.

i have switchvox smb which includes support but they did not seem to help much when i brought the issue up with them.

i thought that someone from the asterisk community would be able to shed some light on this as there is a much larger install base of asterisk than there is of switchvox and since switchvox is based on asterisk, i figured that someone may have come across the issue.