Incoming calls are not hung up

I installed A@H and freepbx 1.2.1 its working fine I implement the concept of Digital Receptionist its working fine but incoming calls are not hung up its continuously ringing after the dialer disconnect the phone.

I am configure this one via GUI mode

There only two check boxes is there Enable Directory and Enable direct Dial

And there option is three options is there
0 — 205 (205 is a extension)
i — 202 (202 is a extension)
t — 202 (202 is a extension)

‘i’ is used when the caller pushes an invalid button, and ‘t’ is used when there is no response.

Pls help me out

seriously … if you didn’t get the answer you wanted (mostly due to the lack of information you give) despite posting the same question on multiple threads, perhaps you should consider asking at the FreePBX forums ???