Incoming Call to trigger dial events

Hi to all,
Trying to get this sequence to work:

  1. Answer an incoming call
  2. Check a DTMF password
  3. Hang up the incoming call
  4. If DTMF is correct then dial 5 other numbers in an endless loop of: 30 seconds of playback , Hang up, then 30 seconds idle.

When I call in again and dial a DTMF password, the calls will stop

I’m not sure if this can be done in just macro’s in a dialplan or would it be better to have a call to copy a file into the call file system?

I come from a background of using separate modems on a win box with TAPI, I thought it was time to move to more modern times!


Can you please explain why you need that?

The setup should be good for implementing on Asterisk, the only problem that I have is with “3. Hang up the incoming call”. Why would you want to drop the incoming call before you connect it to any of the local extensions?

Strange requirement but certainly possible in Asterisk with the help of applications like Answer,Read,Hangup,Wait,Originate… … and some DB functions.

–Satish Barot

Thank-you for your replies.
I agree it is an odd one! I want to test 5 lines by dialling them and streaming audio down them for 30 seconds. The first call is just to initiate the sequence - hence why I don’t want to connect it as a conference call.

@satish4asterisk - I forgot about Originate! I’ll give that a go.

Cheers all