Incoming call handling

Hi from a newbie

I have not been able to find anything in the docs, so am hoping someone can help me here.

Currently our incoming calls are handled in a fashion whereby the caller hears the recorded welcome message and holds for a minimum of around 7 secs (including the welcome message), even if a switchboard operator (of which we have 2) is available. We do not make use of an automated attendant.

What we would like is the following:

  • if a switchboard operator is available, Asterisk should put the call straight through to the operator (ie. no recorded welcome or waiting period)

  • if a switchboard operator becomes available while the caller is waiting, the operator should be able to takeover that call forcefully (ie. recorded welcome is interupted and the caller hears the human operator)

  • Only if a switchboard operator is unavailable should the caller here the entire welcome message and go into the holding pattern.

Please let me know if you require any further info to help me out - any help most appreciated.


Take a look at queues.

I have looked through the setting options within the queue definitions and cannot see how I would achieve this. The way it currently works, is defined within a queue.

An option like “Transfer call immediately if, or as soon as, queue agent available” would be what I am after…


Post back your queues.conf

Thanks for input - I have come right with what I was trying to acheive - a ring group receiving the incoming call first catered for what I was after.