Inbound Calls Disconnects - Call Que

Please help. Whenever agents log-in to Que using the configurations in agents.conf they are all disconnected automatically after few minutes of taking calls. But if they do not login to agents.conf all working fine. Please check my agents.conf configurations below:



agent => 91920,Janice Flores
agent => 91921,Geneson Flancia
agent => 91922,Guiseppe Baterina
agent => 91923,Edyslove Dela Cruz
agent => 91924,Johnson Guevarra
agent => 91925,Maricar Gamet
agent => 91926,Antoinette Tarnate
agent => 91927,Artemio Montes
agent => 91928,Lorie Lynn Arellaga
agent => 91929,Angela Christine Umali
agent => 91920,Janice Flores
agent => 91703,Liza Dongon
agent => 95888,Alpie Reyes
agent => 98888,AlpieZR
agent => 91815,Myra Madrigal
agent => 91701,Destiny Lorena
agent => 91702,Marnielle Badeo
agent => 91257,Valerie Hicban

You’ve got the “autologoff” setting set to 25, which means if they don’t answer the call within 25 seconds, they’ll automatically be logged off from the system.

Could this be the reason your agents aren’t staying logged on?

Jared Smith
Community Relations Manager
Digium, Inc.


 Which type Queue you are using.There are two types of Agents Static and Dynamic.And check Autologoff time in agents.conf.I think this may be 15 by default.