Inbound callerid on PRI

I have asterisk 1.2.13
zaptel and TE110P
libpri 1.2.3
I’ve faced strange problem with callerid on incoming call from my Panasonic tda100 via PRI trunk.
my zaptel.conf is

[channels] echocancel=yes echocancelwhenbridged=yes echotraining=400 busydetect=yes busycount=7 relaxdtmf=yes group=1 switchtype=euroisdn signalling=pri_net usecallerid=yes context=internal overlapdial=yes callerid=E1<0110> channel => 1-15,17-31
As I understand if TDA100 doesn’t send any callerid it should become E1<0110>. Instead of that it’s empty. I tried to change usecallerid option to “no” but this doesn’t help.
Strange thing is that just after reloading asterisk “zap show channel 1” shows

After making the first call from TDA100 to * using this channel it shows:

If anyone knows how to solve this problem please help. Thank you in advance.