Inbound call is not working with libss7

I am using Asterisk 1.6 with libss7. I have configured ss7 for itu & 14 bit OPC/DPC. After successfully configure the link is found UP.
Then I have made two types of test.

  1. libss7 is configured with same OPC & DPC (i.e. OPC=DPC=1) and a loop back cable is connected and dial plan is configured accordingly for inbound and outbound call handle. Outbound call is made successfully but asterisk is not sending any ACM for inbound call where as dialplan context is properly configured.

  2. Asterisk is connected with a live ss7 switch with OPC=1 & DPC=2. When making outbound from asterisk to ss7 switch the call is getting connected and both way speech found normal. But when making outbound call from switch to asterisk, asterisk is getting ISM but not sending ACM. The switch is waiting for ACM and drop the call after timeout.

In this regards you are requested to go through the above information and guide me properly.

Pls note that if you need i can send you all the conf files which you need.

Thanks & regards
jagadish Paul

Today i made a test with ss7linktest program (provided by libss7 source) and found every thing is working fine. i made a inbound call to my asterisk box then ss7linktest program automatically send ACM & ANM messages a result the call got connected.

So i think the issue only with libss7 IAM mesg handle routine.

Thanks & Regards
jagadish paul