In over my head (looking to hire someone)

I am a little in over my head, and need some assistance. I have spent a few hours a day for the past several days trying to figure out what I need to do to accomplish a goal and I haven’t gotten very far.

I am needing to develop a phone processor, but am new to the telecom industry and know little about this.

I am looking to hire someone in the Dallas area to help me take the basic first step and get my hardware started.

I have the following hardware to work with:

Cisco IAD2421 8FXS
PC – Needing to have Linux and Asterisk installed.

So what I need is someone to configure the IAD2421 and install linux and ASterisk and get the two talking. I will also setup a VOIP account with a provider as well and will need this configured as well.

Please contact me directly at