[ In Asterisk ] Real Time Dail Status When User Disconnect Call via Dial()

Hello Team,

I would like to share my one problem for Dial() Function, I am using AMI to Originate Outbound Call on Customer Number. I’m using Dial Function and mentioned Dial Time of 15 Seconds below is the dialplan syntax
same => n,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}@tatasip-outbound,15,m(adg-hold-music))
When user disconnected the call it would take 15 seconds then after send DIALSTATUS either NOANSER, BUSY and UNKNOWN but we need real time response when user got disconnect.

Please help me out for this.
Awaiting for your warm response

If either side hangs up, Dial will terminate immediately, and not wait the full 15 seconds. If something else is happening, Asterisk is probably not being told that the call has been cleared.

Except for the NOANSWER status ( need to wait for the time out option), you should get the DIALSTATUS value as soon as the call is terminated

Thanks David,

But here I have received response after 15 second. Does asterisk have such functionality through which we can capture events.
Operator also send response after 15 seconds

If by operator, you mean the network operator, Asterisk can only know hte state of a call when the network operator reports it.

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