Implement OTP Feature in my site with asterisk

current I tried to make otp feature in my site.
To do this, i created otp page and created web call system in my asterisk by using php.

current if I write phone numbers into tocallnum, and fromcallnum field, I can receive call.
current I have to add tts into the solution.
I am using amazon polly.
but now I have not idea to add this part into web call system in my asterisk.
already I realized amazon polly integration.
current If i click button, after added text into voice text field, then I can hear downloaded audio files (converted text)
about this , please help me.

What do you mean with OTP? One time passwords, or, as the Urban Dictionary suggests, One True Pairing? It seems that you are currently having a problem with text-to-speech. In either case, this is the wrong forum, unless you have a concrete question about the festival integration, or so. Also, this is about Asterisk and not FreePBX.

thanks for your reply.
we can chat on skype or telegram?
telegram my phone number: +44 7377813004
skype id:live:.cid.6f4decad71bdacf5

Sorry, no personal contact. Write can always describe your problems, but you need to be more technically specific.

You are on the wrong forum. We are not experts on adding things into FreePBX.

ok. i think we can solve this problem in asterisk.
am i right?

FreePBX is a GUI controlling Asterisk. If you are working with something unrelated to the FreePBX ecosystem but are Asterisk related then you are at the right place.

“based on” would be more correct than controlling. FreePBX doesn’t give you anything like full control of Asterisk, and assumes that Asterisk is only used in ways that are compatible with it.

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